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Contract Manufacturing

No minimum run

Reliable high quality Australian formulations

Single or multiple services as per your needs


We can help you with:

  • Blending & Formulation
  • Liquid Filling
  • Repacking
  • Labelling

Formulating and packing any liquids into containers and aerosols between 50ml and 1000 litres.

Industries may include:

  • Household: Cleaning and Home & Garden
  • Crop Protection
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Pet care

Who we pack for

We pack for a variety of manufacturers, wholesale and retail customers, from large Australian national household names to smaller boutique companies that require smaller runs. 

  • Organisations not set up to pack products (especially the smaller pack sizes) in either small or large volume runs. 
  • Companies with diverse needs who cannot dedicate equipment to specific products, or those who do not have the capacity to deal with high volumes or Dangerous Goods.  
  • House brands and specialty products are what we do well and we are competitively priced in all areas of our business. 

Sample products

Cleaners: washing liquids, stain removers, deodorisers, window cleaners, spray and wipe products

Home & Garden products: fertilizers, soil wetters, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, fly sprays

Crop Protection products: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, adjuvants, wetting agents, dyes, SC/EC/SL formulations

Automotive products: oils, additives, lubricants, brake wash and parts cleaners and a broad spectrum of industrial liquids

Pet care products: shampoos, conditioners and deodorisers


Our chemists are experienced in formulation development to assist you to improve and refine existing products or develop new formulations.

We can blend, formulate, and process any number of liquid state products in a variety of mixing vessels and dedicated facilities:

  • Stainless steel, plastic and fibreglass mixing vessels and tanks
  • Capacity for volumes from 200L to 40,000L
  • Separate Herbicide/Insecticide/Fungicide formulation sites
  • Suspension concentrate (Flowables insecticide and fungicide)
  • Dangerous goods including flammable and toxic formulations
  • High volume melting and heating capacity
  • Formulation development assistance

Scalable chemical production operations

Our production operations are scalable so we can grow with your requirements. We’ll do small production runs of 1, if you’re really testing the waters. 

And once you’re confident and you’ve had strong responses from your market, we can set you up with large, repeat production runs if that’s where you’re headed. This is one of the reasons our small to medium customers start - and continue to work with us.

Filling and Packaging

Once the liquid product is either formulated at our plant or delivered to us, we can fill and pack the product into various sizes and types of packaging. 

The smallest container we can currently fill is 50mL, ranging up to 1,000L IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers). We use automated and semi-automatic filling lines, capping, labelling, packing and batch coding equipment to suit your production run sizes and volumes.

Flexible packaging options

We stock a wide range of ‘off the shelf’ packaging that can easily be implemented into the supply and production of your product. Alternatively we can also help you with the design and supply of a wide variety of packaging combinations to tailor suit your needs. Alternatively you may already know your requirements or have a supplier in mind. Chem Pack is willing to work with your requirements at which ever level you choose.

Packaging options:

  • Off-the-shelf stock lines
  • Outsourced supply
  • Supply your own packaging ready to fill/pack

Labelling and Packing

Our labelling machines can apply self-adhesive labels to both sides of a straight or curved bottle - or apply a complete wraparound label on a cylindrical shaped bottle.

We have inline inkjet printers to automatically apply a batch number and or a date of manufacture to meet your requirements.

We have automatic case packers, carton tapers and carton coding equipment to suit your requirements.

A shrink tunnel for smaller bottles or bundle packing containers is also available.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is paramount to our values at Chem Pack. Every step of the process is checked and validated by our team to ensure your products meet specification.

Chem Pack operates its own on site laboratories, employing qualified industrial chemists to facilitate daily routine testing and analysis. Our labs are fully equipped containing both GC and HPLC instruments for analytical testing of finished goods and technical ingredients. We also perform many intermediate quality checks along every step of the way.

Chem Pack maintains a retention sample policy and results safely secured, should a problem ever arise.

We follow strict processes to prevent cross-contamination:

  • Segregated buildings
  • Dedicated equipment
  • Strong hygiene procedures
  • Careful and experienced staff

Delivery & 3rd Party Storage

See Third Party Logistics (3PL)


What’s your minimum run?

You have the flexibility to run 1 product, or 1,000. Our smallest volume is 50mL. 

This low minimum run is great for small business. It makes it feasible and easier for you:

  • To do sample runs (from 1 onwards)
  • To pace out your budget
  • To manage your risk by doing a small batch and checking your market’s response

We will work with you on a product by product basis and help you work out what will be most cost effective.

What are your lead times?

It depends on your specific job. Regulatory requirements, and our line up can also affect timelines.

On average you can expect:

New products: 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months depending on regulatory requirements
Repeat orders: 1 week to 1 month

We’re known for going beyond the call of duty to make sure your job is done to specifications, on time. You can expect us to be in contact regularly to keep you updated from start to finish.

Can you supply packaging?

Yes. Packaging comes in volumes of 50mL up to 1,000L. Run sizes are from 1 onwards. Options:

  • Choose off-the-shelf packaging
  • Request us to source packaging and design
  • Supply us with your own

Can you arrange SDS?

Yes. We can arrange to have the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) authored by a qualified industry body of your newly marketed product.

I’m based interstate / overseas. Can you help me create a product?

Yes. Although we are based in Melbourne, we currently help customers all over Australia, and supported many customers with exporting requirements.

Many international businesses want to capitalise on the perceived quality of Australian products. And rightly so: our formulations are made of high quality ingredients, developed by skilled, experienced Australian industrial chemists, under stringent quality control standards.

The advantage of being an established business for more than 25 years is we have established strong communication processes and our premises, equipment, and staff are exceptional.

What’s more, we’ve built trusted, reliable relationships with logistics companies in Australia, and globally.

We can provide advice on all aspects of importing your product - and take care of everything you need to get your product market ready. From product development and manufacturing, to labelling, logistics, and customs requirements.

Considering a great opportunity to bring high quality Aussie products to your market? Contact us to chat about how it can be done.

Areas Serviced

  • Melbourne: Metro and regional areas
  • Sydney: Metro and regional areas
  • Adelaide: Metro and regional areas
  • Perth: Metro and regional areas
  • Queensland: Metro and regional areas
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Other countries (ask us)

What next?

Contact us with your requirements for:

  • Quote
  • Scope
  • Lead times
  • Samples (if required)

Contract Manufacturing service

  • Friendly and responsive service
  • Access Australia-wide market or international market
  • Custom solutions

As NPD & Sourcing Manager at Waproo from 2011 - 2018, I had the pleasure to work with Chem Pack on multiple projects. These included creating new formulations in the waterproofing, cleaning, pet grooming and insecticidal categories.

Working very closely with their sales and technical teams, Chem Pack always provided a service that was over and above what was expected of a supplier. I found Chem Pack to be an innovative and progressive organisation and this was evident by their investments in various new plant and equipment to streamline and improve productivity.

Chem Pack’s ability to react quickly to situations that required immediate attention (on multiple occasions) was a huge help and very much appreciated. I thoroughly recommend Chem Pack.

- P A, NPD & Sourcing Manager

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